Cheryl Kerrigan

Author, Speaker, Eating Disorder Survivor


Cheryl Kerrigan is an eating disorder survivor and author of Telling Ed No! and Other Practical Tools to Conquer Your Eating Disorder and Find Freedom.


Held captive by her eating disorder (Ed) for more than two decades, Cheryl experienced an entire childhood, adolescence, and much of her adulthood from the perspective of a tortured prisoner—until she found the strength and support to break free.


Cheryl touches her audience through an honest and moving story of her struggle and recovery from a 22 year battle with Anorexia.  Through her story, Cheryl provides the audience with important information on the inner-workings of the mind of an eating disorder (Ed), shares vital aspects of recovery, provides successful, practical and detailed recovery tools and shows you, through real-life scenarios, what life in recovery looks like. 


Cheryl's inspiring story "Brings Recovery To Life."


Cheryl’s presentation and style is honest, engaging, compelling, humorous and very informative. Your audience will walk away with hope, insight and successful, practical tools they can utilize in their own recovery journey.


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What others are saying about Cheryl's presentations:



"Cheryl's words were very inspirational.  Her talk is not only a true testimony that recovery is possible, but provides individuals and loved ones with steps to take in building a strong foundation for recovery.  Cheryl shares useful tools to use and brings hope for living a life free of ED and in recovery!"


Kourtney Klepfer, LCSW

Laurel Hill Inn




"Cheryl brings her authentic voice to the most challenging of recovery processes. She is heart wrenchingly honest in speaking about her struggles and the specific skills necessary to overcome her eating disorder voice. Cheryl’s passion for recovery and validation of the potential for change that exists in all people ignites new hope."


Terri Halperin-Eaton

Walden Behavioral Care

Director of Expressive and Milieu Therapies




"Cheryl captivates and motivates, through her natural, yet energetic, witty, and humorous style. Her honesty and self-disclosure is intriguing. She not only offers a ray of hope to those who are in a constant battle with an eating disorder, but also amazingly portrays the struggles encountered for those who do not fully understand how ED consumes your life. Her willingness to share her story and personal coping skills has not only benefited those who deal with an eating disorder, but also provides education for the supports who are by their side. Thank you for dedicating your words and your heart to recovery."


Rachel Cabral, LMHC 




"Become inspired by someone who understands what it is like to have lived with an eating disorder and is now sharing her meaning of recovery - when recovery seemed impossible.  Cheryl is authentic, captivating, caring and understanding in her story. The burden of her eating disorder has lifted and her true spirit shines through as you listen to this story of this remarkable journey of one woman's recovery.  You will be inspired" 


Bob Bordonaro, LICSW




"Cheryl is an animated and engaging speaker who not only tells her story, but describes in a concrete way how one recovers from an eating disorder.   Students described her presentation as "amazing" and "a great speaker."  This is a great presentation for those who want to understand eating disorders or as inspiration for those recovering from them."


Wendy Huang

Coordinator of the Nutrition, Exercise, and Eating Disorder Peer Educators

College of the Holy Cross




"Cheryl’s presentation at Dean College during National Eating Disorders Week was a huge success.  Her presentation was engaging, compelling, and informative and everyone in the room came away feeling a very personal connection both in her story and to the larger context of eating disorders and recovery. Cheryl’s interactive, warm, and sometimes humorous style resonated with the students in the audience, and feedback from both students and staff has been extremely positive. Cheryl not only succeeded at connecting with everyone who heard her speak, but also enhanced campus-wide awareness about eating disorders and recovery."


Barbara Creeden

Personal Counselor

Dean College




“Cheryl did a wonderful job engaging the audience through her personal stories and informal approach.  She was very effective at combining her own story with general tips and resources that could be applied to anyone.  Her honest and genuine approach captured everyone’s attention and respect.  Cheryl was a wonderful asset to our nutrition and eating disorders awareness event.  I would not hesitate to bring Cheryl back for another presentation.”


Alison J. Black

Assistant Dean of Student Life

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering




 "Reaching students about sensitive topics, such as eating disorders and body image issues, is often an enormous challenge.  Cheryl's talk was a smashing success!  Cheryl shared her story of recovery from anorexia with generosity, humor, and remarkable insight.  She has an amazing rapport with people, which allowed our students to feel comfortable discussing and learning about her experience and these topics.  I look forward to working with Cheryl again in the future!"


Susan Trainer

Health Educator

Babson College




"I wanted to thank you again for speaking at Stonehill at our Eating Disorders Expert Panel celebrating Body Awareness Week. Your presentation was extremely insightful into the mind of someone suffering from Anorexia and it really helped to open the eyes of our audience members. We received very positive feedback from the students regarding your presentation.  Your presentation was extremely helpful to all types of audience members including those who have or had an eating disorder, those who know someone with an eating disorder or anyone else interested learning more about eating disorders. So often we talk about the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder but very rarely do we talk about what happens after you get diagnosed, what treatment looks like what the road to recovery looks like and how someone looks at and deals with an eating disorder on a daily basis. Your presentation was a breath of fresh air in that it provided the “after” part of what to do when an eating disorder has been diagnosed. I truly feel that you helped make our students more aware of this topic, and helped them to look at their and their loved ones eating in a new light. Thank you so much for speaking on our panel! We would love to have you back again!"


Jessica Brown, MPH, CHES

Health and Wellness Educator

Stonehill College




 "Cheryl captured the audience with her personal story. She was engaging, passionate, and informative. Her story provided insight and hope, making successful recovery seem possible. I would have her back again to help raise awareness of eating disorders."


Lauren Marciszyn

Youth Wellness Director

Bernon Family Branch YMCA




"Cheryl’s truthful and honest presentation about her personal story engaged the interest of our high school students. Sensitive issues about topics such as eating disorders can be difficult to discuss in a classroom setting. Cheryl’s presentation gave students insight into the negative thinking patterns involved with this disorder. Cheryl also offered students the hope and possibility of recovery. Cheryl’s presentation added a personal touch to our classroom discussion. I would like to thank Cheryl for her courage and honesty in sharing her story."


Karen Markey

Wellness Teacher

Marlborough High School