Cheryl Kerrigan


A self and spirit!


A Connection is something we as individuals long for….to our self and to others. It can help feed our soul with love and can help us grow as humans.  It helps validate our presence in what we have to offer ourselves and our loved ones. The energy and love of it never dies and is with us forever…in this physical world and beyond.

My gift to you as a medium is to offer you a connection from spirit. A connection that may help you heal, grow or find peace and strength.  I honor and respect the communication between these two worlds and am blessed and grateful to help you make a connection from their soul to yours.

With Love, Light & Blessings,


Mediumship Sessions:


I will connect to spirit (your loved ones) and relay information I am provided which may include appearance, age range, essence, past/present memories and messages that spirit wants to relay. Please note I cannot guarantee which loved one shows up to talk. Spirit is in control on who comes through. Come with an open heart and open mind.

Types of Mediumship Sessions provided:


Gallery Style Demonstrations

Individual/Couple Sessions

Small Group Readings

Phone Readings





"My reading with Cheryl was like a gift from heaven.  Cheryl mad me feel comfortable as I was nervous and it was my first time meeting with a medium.  My grandmother had come through immediately and her message through Cheryl was validated through many events and details that came out of the reading.  After my reading with Cheryl , I felt a sense of great joy and gratification that my grandmother was still here with me and that she always has watched over me and my family.  It was wonderful to know that she is still a part of my life and that I was able to connect with her.   I truly believe that a reading with Cheryl is a gift from God and a message from heaven."  --- AMN

"As you can imagine, when I first met with Cheryl, I was really nervous. However, Cheryl has this calming demeanor that just makes you feel relaxed and at home. As for my experience, it was fulfilling and brought tears to my eyes. It warmed my heart to hear Cheryl talk about my father’s favorite chair, the warmth in his eyes when he spoke to her and how she knew about the moon . You see, every night I look up at the moon to say hello to my dad. No one knew that but she did.  I’d meet with her again!" -- MLC




Disclaimer:  All persons contacting Cheryl Kerrigan for mediumship must be 18 years or older.  Please note that all provided services are for entertainment purposes only.  Cheryl Kerrigan is not liable for how the information is interpreted, utilized, or applied by the individual once services are rendered.   It is understood that the receiver will handle the information given to them by Cheryl Kerrigan responsibly and acknowledge that the services are not guaranteed in any way nor are they a form of talk therapy or professional advice.